zmg update? from boopkins? lotsa things happened like school etc, only work i managed to do was crappy doodles, but people are kind of happen to like those ..things.

so why not share? huh?
can't hear you? *runs to a corner*

first cut would've been FMA, but i'm changing it. i can do this \o/ *tears away herself from fandom*
and remember kids, there is one NC17 is in DGM cut for Kanda's peens lol.

DGM cyytCollapse )
DN cyytCollapse )
FMA cyytCollapse )
OC&Other fapdoms cyytCollapse )
sosoo~ till next time☆

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boopkit "OMG UPDATE"'s been A MONTH.
I know, I ought to be update this comm per week, but then again, The School started. It is The Hell. Yanno.
And in this month, I became a Mello dork after re-reading Death Note. TOTALLY. If some character who wears leather pants, and dazzingly blonde, AND PLUS WITH THAT WICKED HAIRCUT appears in some new manga, I am gonna sue them. SERIOUSLY. THEY EAT MY LIFE.


No NC-17s whatsoever, and lets roll with the usual;

FMA cutCollapse )
Death Note cutCollapse )
Other Fapdoms(NGE, Loveless, Eureka7)&OC cutCollapse )

There you have it all.
School kills you.

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I DREW LOTS OF EDWARDS LATELY, I AM PROUD OF MYSELF. And at this post, there are not any Itsuki's *gasp*, although we have the cut for Suzumiya. Why? It is a Yuki fest, NYORO~

..No OCs this week omg.

No NC-17s, again (n-not even one R T^T).

The FMA cut you were all waiting forCollapse )
The Suzumiya cut, nyoro~Collapse )
Other Fapdoms cut (D.Gray Man, NGE, Samurai Champloo)Collapse )
Bonus cut for BIG pchat sessions linkageCollapse )

OMFG DEATH NOTE (Tamaki, and he ..talking about ..DEATH all the time *squeeees*)AND DGRAYMAN STARTS IN 6 DAYS OMFG.

enjoy, nyoro~n! ♥
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lol hi.

No NC-17s this ..week, so we shall roll on.

..oh noes FMA cutCollapse )
SOS-DAN cutCollapse )
Other Fapdoms&OCs cutCollapse )

I AM DOING TOO MUCH OCS FOR MY OWN SAKE. Other than a maniacly!colored Edward, I don't have a good fanart of FMA to offer. goodamn.
Thanks for all the lovely honeybuns at the paintchat for all the fun.

All done in paintchat, some of it took 30 minutes, some took 2-3 hours

Art Bump!

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Let's start with NC-17, again:

Pink Shota-cutCollapse )
FullMetal-cut .7 pieces.Collapse )
Haruhi-cut .5 pieces.Collapse )
Other Fapdoms&Originals-cut .12 pieces.Collapse )
Bonus-cut (2006 Vacation) .5 pieces.Collapse )

Omfg it's over 1 month ..and 30 selected fan/arts.

I draw too many OOCs lately.
And Itsukis thanks to a certain fangirl, namely vanitas_mundi. I totally miss pchats with wifey! Evil!to-dos >:

BTW, where the hell is lukonyas?


Dae's strikes back