Daeva from the Soil (tomoe_daeva) wrote in refectory,
Daeva from the Soil

...Did anyone say Manga!Kimbly..?

...And it's not even porn this time!
I just saw the chap. 59 (that I enjoy a lot -actually more than the whole manga series...GUESS WHY) and I felt the urge to sketch some Kimblys (and AU!Manga!Archer/Kimbly, of course).
It's not some memorable art, but I hope you'll enjoy it the same.

Nothing much to say... Scrabbled in less than a hour on Photoshop... I just want to draw him in uniform, I suppose XD

Don't you think that Manga!Kimbly is pretty Archer-ish? They've got the same eyes ;o; THE SAME EYES!!!
Anyway, I like this "tidy" version of Kimbly... I can see him in my Ishbal fanworld taking a cup of tea with Archer (Archer is a Lieutenant, if you're interested)... Discussing about politics and literature... Arguing about the best way to mass kill people... Having passionate gay sex ♥...
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