May 4th, 2006

katamari -ac/dc-


Hi, dear ..guys.
This is going to be the first post, by the artist Ezgi, and will contain fanarts and arts she did, obviously.
She is a total fangirl, and with her ljwife tomoe_daeva, she decided to open an archive/best of journal, called refectory.
Why refectory, you see, its related with military and digest, so we decided to call our happy archive like that.

Onto the archive now;

PS: I'm going to fake the links from various communities that I've posted, and the Oekaki section will be hotlinked from Ninja-monkey oekaki board. Since I've learned that the board's server eats itself, and I don't think no-one will check up my oldest works, so.

These are the works of boopkit till 17 April 2007.
Some works may contain NC-17 material

Full Metal AlchemistCollapse )
The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaCollapse )
BLEACHCollapse )
DEATH NOTECollapse )
D.GRAY-MANCollapse )
under construction -bleach and PW area-
I will add the needed informations later.