October 28th, 2006

katamari -ac/dc-
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boopkit "OMG UPDATE"

..it's been A MONTH.
I know, I ought to be update this comm per week, but then again, The School started. It is The Hell. Yanno.
And in this month, I became a Mello dork after re-reading Death Note. TOTALLY. If some character who wears leather pants, and dazzingly blonde, AND PLUS WITH THAT WICKED HAIRCUT appears in some new manga, I am gonna sue them. SERIOUSLY. THEY EAT MY LIFE.


No NC-17s whatsoever, and lets roll with the usual;

FMA cutCollapse )
Death Note cutCollapse )
Other Fapdoms(NGE, Loveless, Eureka7)&OC cutCollapse )

There you have it all.
School kills you.