Daeva from the Soil (tomoe_daeva) wrote in refectory,
Daeva from the Soil

So c'mon, let me entertain you D: !

New art dumpage D: !
Today's menu consists of Archer/Kimbly, molested Roy and a disturbingly devoted Greed.
WARNINGS: NC-17 (it means "porn"), AU, fangirling, crack

Ishbal!AU Archer/Kimbly

( [30_NIGHTS] new themes )

Archer/Kimbly gunkinks


And my fresh stuff from the last y!G's update
Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap
This one is a birthday gift/requested to a guy on y!G ^^
The story behind the pic, as requested: Roy pissed Archer off, and Kimbly proposed to his commanding officer to play a *dirty trick* to Roy's groin for revenge.
I have no idea about military's pijamas, so I made them so... I suppose the guys look like hospitalized for it but not a big deal XD
Sin and Sinner
Greed/Archer is my crack OTP XD !
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